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Top Features From Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2

To satisfy the needs of an increasingly digital and dynamic world, business apps are rapidly evolving. History-replaced by data-first, smart apps that proactively direct crucial business results around the enterprise is the age of form-based apps and clear business logic. 

The 2020 release wave 2 helps you unleash the adaptation and prosperity of agility, creativity and resilience. More than 500 new and upgraded capabilities enter an unprecedented selection of front and back-office intelligent, scalable and deeply integrated SaaS apps, all on top of the world’s top Power Platform to enable everyone to build apps and business operations. 

This release wave expands investments in this era of unparalleled change, from remote employees to shifting consumer demands to supply chain problems, to help your organisation respond rapidly to any circumstances with speed and skill, to create resilience into your business’s DNA fabric.

Linked clients encounters 

It is no quick feat to navigate today’s omnichannel consumer journey. At any touchpoint, either human-assisted self-serve, or automated, client interaction needs continuous attention, and this needs exposure and coordination through marketing, sales, and support. The 2020 release wave 2 also updates the vision to securely link department-wide data and insights, unravelling the silos that hinder creativity and linked personalized services. 

Microsoft customer data platform

The Microsoft CDP and quickest Dynamics 365 app, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, is a framework for digital client interaction, all with unprecedented privacy and protection on a trusted platform. Release wave 2 2020 updates reinforce the solution as ideally capable of objectively linking data across teams and departments, with AI-powered insights to achieve better results.

customer insights

Your teams will love the latest functionality of relationship analytics, which offer them a more holistic view of clients, conveniently accessible across teams and always up to date. Audience insights improve the ability to use experience insights to evaluate cross-channel consumer experiences from blogs, mobile apps, and connected goods. And with integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice integration, as client sentiment and behaviours change, the team can monitor customer feedback signals through channels to identify insights and drive positive interaction.


We are committed to offering solutions that bridge the divisions of marketing, distribution, and operation, effortlessly linking clients from the first contact to acquisition to outstanding support. The updates to 2020 release wave 2 take measures to link the journey. 

 Marketers are provided with tools over the next 6 months to create relationships and engage with clients on a wide scale in this new environment. New skills can assist them in planning consumer journeys, aligning sales and marketing, and making informed decisions. This launch incorporates Microsoft Teams for digital events in addition to the growth for digital platforms, strengthens social posting, revamps the client journey planner, and allows teams to use natural language to quickly construct target segments. And better integration with Dynamics 365 Consumer Insights allows teams in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to identify segments and use them directly to make promotions more focused and successful.


The purchasing experiences of clients are increasingly interactive. In reality, 80% of companies anticipate a sustained change to digital means of purchase and sale, where sellers direct and communicate remotely with clients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help to streamline sellers’ work further and enhance their customer relationships. 

To provide contextual insights that direct sellers towards the next best move, by ramping up AI-infused intelligence capabilities. Apps such as sales accelerator, sophisticated forecasting, and pipeline intelligence help sellers grasp the company’s health and make strategic choices that are reliably informed. Intelligence in communication and relationships lets sellers concentrate on events and experiences that resonate with buyers. And sellers can use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to evaluate emotion and Net Promoter Score metrics to better monitor sales processes, goods, and interactions, and respond to customer concerns.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist have invested in the crucial scenarios that organisations need to maximise service delivery and increase client loyalty, embodied in the broad range of features. 

A landmark in Microsoft’s first-party service solution is presented by Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Based on the Microsoft cloud, the integration of a native voice channel to current omnichannel services enables support teams within a single solution with a seamless, end-to-end customer service experience in every channel. 

field service

Dynamics 365 Field Service enhancements continue to push efficiency with first-time patch rates, optimised scheduling, asset monitoring and management aligned with increasing technical performance.

Plus, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enhancements provide technicians with many more ways to troubleshoot and fix customer problems, such as the ability to enable technicians and external clients to enter a mixed reality call; extended support for non-AR phones and added call analytics to areas of surface challenges and development opportunities.

Operations Connected 

Running a complex organization efficiently involves the smooth exchange of data, transparent business processes, and close coordination between departments of finance and operations. That’s why we are essential to upholding cross-app capabilities across apps for Dynamics 365 operations. This release wave continues the process of making Dynamics 365 software, Microsoft Power Platform, and Azure Data Lake easily accessible for finance and operations data and business processes.


 Focused is on the addition of insights and intelligence for Dynamics 365 Finance and the automation of traditional processes. Smart cash flow forecasting for 2020 release wave 1, along with additional intelligence and automation in vendor billing, will be released for general availability. 

By incorporating asset leasing, we’ll also boost core financials. By ensuring that the system is consistent with evolving accounting standards, this helps simplify complex processes and eliminate risk. 

In Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations, the Electronic billing add-on extends the invoicing capabilities to help companies save costs and avoid risk. The add-on simplifies compliance with the new electronic billing requirements and offers clear experience across various geographies in the production and sharing of billing.


Dynamics 365 Market Central investments focus on offering a world-class, integrated business management solution for small to mid-sized companies for this release wave. Through incorporating Microsoft Teams as a way to connect with peers and boost productivity, workflow, insights, and performance, we are developing scenarios across Microsoft interactions, which currently includes integration with Excel, Outlook, Word, and others. 

A range of additional enhancements help satisfy the demands of a rapidly increasing user base, boost data storage handling, and tackle the functionality demanded by top customers; and upgrades in-service protection and efficiency further protect business data and improve the performance of apps.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain 

The pandemic, from manufacturers to customers, took its toll on supply chains. Newer technologies are being implemented by Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to keep the manufacturing process going and promote everyday work on the production line. 

Building on the development of the Cloud and Edge introduced at Microsoft Ignite, we are introducing a new Engineering Change Management add-in, enhancing the ability to manage changes across a product life cycle and ensuring that they are manufactured and published in a managed manner. With a modern UI and a touch interface that makes handling complex jobs simpler, even under challenging conditions of the production floor, the new production floor execution feature allows greater flexibility. 

The new integration with Dynamics 365 Guides offers interactive, guided guidance to frontline staff right at their workstation. 

Operations Service-based 

The business application for service-based companies operating in a highly competitive environment where securing new deals, attracting the best people, and growing profit margins are major challenges is now widely available for Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Project Operations is required to improve and modernise the lifecycle of project delivery by bringing cross-functional teams together to create distinct client experiences. 

You can bridge the distribution, resourcing, project management, and finance teams in a single app, easily linked to other Dynamics 365 apps, to gain more deals, speed up execution, inspire workers, and optimise profitability.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources 

An integrated personnel management solution, including efficiency, leave and absence, and payroll integration, is offered by Dynamics 365 Human Resources. We are centred on enhancements for the 2020 release wave 2 which further help HR professionals motivate and involve their staff, provide modern benefit programs, and maintain compliance. 

The potential for workers to handle leave and absence directly from Microsoft Teams provides new self-service functionality. Workers can display time-off balances and send leave requests, and when a request needs addressing, supervisors or HR will be alerted. 

A workspace for benefits management can provide administrators with a single experience to view issues requiring intervention or to monitor the progress of enrollment for a single worker or group of workers, like progress and related activities for new hire enrollment, eligible life events, and open enrollment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce 

 Investment is made extensively in-retailer innovation, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce upgrades to further enable retailers to know the best way to satisfy the needs of clients, speed up digital commerce and contactless shopping, and function efficiently across the value chain. Learn more about 2020 release wave 2 upgrades with Dynamics 365 Commerce to boost omnichannel shopping.

Store Connected 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Store is also continuing to evolve to deliver advantages to retailers typically available only to online retailers and to help facilitate the digital and physical gap. For example, a Power Automate workflow that allows inventory recommendations based on dwell period around a particular product can be described or shift adjustments based on queue-length patterns can be made. Store managers can consider shopper density and social distance status in controlled areas to help with social distancing and set up alerts when the required safety standards are not being met. 

Security from Fraud 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Security updates at the point of sale will help protect against transaction and payment fraud, account fraud, and shrinkage fraud while providing shoppers with a smooth experience. You will notice stronger integration with Dynamics 365 Commerce and a new manual review feature focused on the new account security and loss avoidance functionality which enables users to flag activities for review and then enable expert human agents to ingest and litigate those transactions.

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