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Driving Innovation To Promote Digitalization Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Today, more than ever, as business dynamics shift, small to medium-sized companies need to adopt digitalization to adapt rapidly. Company no longer exists in one location in the world so there is no longer a traditional 9 to 5 routine. The perceptions of clients, as well as the way and where we work, have improved. Transition is the one aspect we can count upon and yet many are trapped into legacy enterprise resource planning or light accounting systems when we meet with Small and medium sized company leaders, which clearly don’t promote change, let alone provide the knowledge required to make faster decisions and connect in real time with their clients.

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The question for Small and medium business leaders is are you prepared for what’s next when every day and every minute, brings something new? The Business Central team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is focused on helping small and medium Size businesses accept digital transformation, and the upgrades to 2020 release wave 2 focuses on fulfilling the challenges of steadily increasing customer base.

Just over 2 years ago, Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 GP evolved. Adding Microsoft Office 365 productivity together, Microsoft Dynamics 365 process optimization, Microsoft Power Platform data connectivity and business intelligence, and Microsoft Azure security, size, and geographic presence together. Via Dynamics 365 Business Core, we have combined all these assets to help our SMB clients take charge of their business activities to maximise efficiency, reduce operational costs and keep track with an ever growing speed of industry.

matsyaa infotech

Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates teams with a single application across finance, sales, service, supply chain, and production to help Small and medium business adapt more efficiently, work quicker, and perform much better.
Faster adaptation and move to cloud with confidence.

The capability to evolve and implement new business models quicker is needed to accept digital transformation. While Dynamics 365 Business Central has mostly provided versatile deployment models, consistency, protection, and a flexible solution that develops with you this release offers enhancements to further protect data, deliver seamless service, and boost the quality of applications. Via Microsoft Azure Insights, a new efficiency toolkit and telemetry visibility for partners will help minimise disturbances when shifting to cloud.

Work smarter, unlock performance and company insights

A key goal of Dynamics 365 Business Central is to align individuals, processes, and perspectives with embedded feedback, dashboards, and interoperability with Office 365 to make effective choices quicker. With an amazing new Microsoft Teams app that enables users to access your business data directly inside teams, this launch builds on that proficiency. Employees will easily exchange information with your team with proper access and control and respond more quickly to queries.

1.Paste a link into Dynamics 365 Business Central record into chat, and it will expand it into a compact card to connect with your coworkers.
2.All without leaving teams at your desk at home, while on the go, view card info, edit info, and act accordingly.

Perform better and improve financial transparency and feedback

Connected knowledge is essential for business continuity for Small and medium business. Only with actual cash flow and business metrics it is possible to enhance client, supply chain, and operational experience. It’s really no surprise that digitised companies are better prepared to adapt more rapidly and plan for the future. Through accelerated closing processes, shorter cycle times, and better insights, we continue investing in technologies that help our clients maximise financial results. For clients, the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Central Company Center improves visibility into business success through various businesses and subsidiaries.

Keep linked with latest release of wave 2

Small and Medium businesses are catching up with the ever-increasing pace of business with this new update, by supporting them to be quicker, smarter, easier, not just now, but each day.

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