Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Have the same rich features as Dynamics NAV, with complete versatility

to deploy with Business Central.

A single business management solution for small and medium enterprises is now available in the cloud as a robust, scalable solution to take your business to the next level. Business Central brings the complete power of Dynamics NAV to the cloud, as a modern solution for modern businesses. An end-to-end business solution to give a fresh, modern experience designed to optimize business processes and maximize productivity.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Digital Intelligence

A flexible solution that fits your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get new technology and a series of tools for inventory control, customer relationship management, supplier management, e-commerce, and exchange of electronic documents.The solution can be tailored to your needs for workflow, financial management, administration, and the interface role-based is designed to give you easy access to all tasks solved by different employees in the company.

Introduction to Business Intelligence

Optimized financial management daily routines regarding the accounts, budgets, and assignments. In addition, integration with Microsoft Power BI improves decision making in all departments. You have unlimited possibilities for analysis. For example, you can analyze parameters such as customer service and sales staff.Give your customers an excellent service.The integration between the sales module and other parts gives you an overview that lets you give your customers an optimal service.
Integrating sales and purchase action provides quick access to information on the state of the stock and delivery.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Personal Engagement
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Complete Client Profile

Being on top of stock

Stock control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manages routines daily actions efficiently and safely. The solution also provides tools for unity and control of the site.The integration provides the controls to update in real-time stock both in the physical store and online store.

Increase the value of your customer relationships

The ERP system, it is easy to start with customer relationship management. Integrated CRM tools only require activation, and after that, you are ready to increase the value of your business relationships and the identification, detention, and communication with your customers.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Customer Engagement

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