Microsoft Dynamics 365 – For Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Talent

Design your workflow and decrease operating expenses to give the best of
employee benefits and welfare.

Bring your human resource management to the cloud for a strategic HR approach that works in the field of employees that helps you find and recruit the right people, foster success, and have a high impact, sustainable results.

MS Dynamics 365 - Talent - Attract


Find talented people you need quickly and provide more exciting candidate experiences with native to LinkedIn integration and efficient collaborative experience across candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers.

  • Simplify evaluation of candidates with visibility to LinkedIn profiles during the recruitment process
  • Improve communication with native integration to LinkedIn InMail and cellular feedback capabilities
  • Streamline interviews using Office 365 to coordinate calendars and arrange appointments


Help new employees start working while feeling the impact and being connected during the first few critical months.

  • Increase productivity by identifying important contacts and sharing relevant resources and documents
  •  Customize the pre-boarding and integration experience with customizable integration guides
  •  Monitor orientation success with a real-time dashboard
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Personal Engagement
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Complete Client Profile


Give continuous feedback and reward high-performing employees by changing performance into daily two-way conversations between employees and managers.

  • See real-time performance dashboards and track achievements
  • Get full transparency about employee performance to immediately take corrective action
  • Offers visibility through performance journals, real-time feedback, and collaborative goal management


Easily track employee achievements, ensure completion of required certifications, and recommend additional training and development opportunities for subsequent employee careers.

  • Encourage the next best action for professional growth with role-adjusted experience
  • Guide employees to complete the necessary training and suggest professional development resources
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Customer Engagement
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Complete Client Profile


Increase business impact and encourage a nimble, high-performing culture by automating routine HR tasks and focusing on strategic initiatives.

  • Create a centralized employee profile that highlights skills and experience – using Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data
  • Get visibility throughout your global organization and minimize compliance risk

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