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Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Marketing

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool for creating and distributing marketing communications to your current and potential customers. It works like a closed-loop marketing system, which allows you to collect and analyze the results of your marketing communications to refine your message. Dynamics 365 for Marketing also lets you automate much of the marketing process so you can focus on targeting the right people and developing the right message.To deepen the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing, explore the following sections:

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Marketing Lists

Marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you group your accounts, contacts, and leads so you can more effectively market specific segments. Marketing lists contain “members” (account, contact, or account records) that meet specific criteria or are manually managed by users. They can be static or dynamic. some common reasons for creating marketing lists:

  • To send corporate newsletters
  • Distribute promotional emails
  • To send event information and updates
  • For use in Mail Merge

Campaigns and Results

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to take notes on campaigns that help you organize your efforts for marketing projects for a certain period of time. Campaigns are also designed to provide insight into the return on your investment for each campaign. They allow you to track campaign spending and responses so you know exactly how effective your marketing efforts are.Campaign recordings give you a place to track any activities involved in a campaign, such as e-mail, phone calls and other activities that are distributed. You can also add planning activities to the campaign.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Personal Engagement
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Complete Client Profile

Marketing Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be upgraded with plug-ins, add-ons, and other additional third parties to bring more marketing automation functions to the system.

Use workflows for marketing

Workflows are a great tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365. One of the most common ways to use workflows is to improve marketing capabilities. For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically email customers if they fill out a form on your website or respond to a survey.

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