Microsoft Dynamics 365 – For Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Sales

Keep a record of contacts, boost productivity by improving sales forecasting.
Revolutionize buyer experiences.

Empower your sales team with the insights they need to close more deals, faster. With the digital intelligence and productivity tools provided by Dynamics 365 for Sales, your sales team can better recognize their customers. This results in heightened client experience and personal attention that fosters lasting relationships and strengthens pipeline development.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Dynamics 365 for Sales uses digital intelligence and automated business processes to empower salespeople to take the lead on working via the sales cycle. Predictive analytics and automatic lead scoring provide the data necessary to grow your business and increase pipeline growth. By integrating both the Sales app and office 365, your team is provided with all the tools they need for each step within the sales cycle.

Personal Engagement

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches to discover records. The knowledge and experience of your team are available inside shared meeting notes, events, and sales documents. These documents are available in actual-time, allowing team members to coauthor documents primarily based on their knowledge and experience.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Personal Engagement
MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Complete Client Profile

Complete client Profile

Dynamics 365 for sales gives your crew social insights, up to date company records, and an embedded sales process helps salespeople target the right leads, contacts, and opportunities of their pipeline. This helps salespeople to interact in meaningful conversations. Contextual insights help to close more deals, faster.

Customer Engagement

Staying connected with customers is that the key to building trust and long-term relationships. provide sales staff access to complete, consistent customer data, ensuring everybody has a single source of truth. Equipped with this insight, sales team members are able to leverage a complete view of the customer to deliver customized experiences. for instance, staff can easily access a customer’s buying history and preferences, or information about members of the family or birthdays.

MS Dynamics 365 - Sales - Customer Engagement

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