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Dynamics 365 – Omnichannel for customer care

Omnichannel has become a powerful factor, and with the best reason, in how businesses fulfill client standards. On the same day, 98% of the world turn between devices, using many voices, social, text, email, and SMS networks. Omnichannel collaboration enables clients to reach out to their favorite platform on virtually every computer while handling all engagement channels equally on the back end, providing a seamless customer experience. 

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True omnichannel support ensures a quick transfer and seamless experience from one channel to the next without causing meaning to be lost by agents or the client needing to repeat data. In short, omnichannel enables clients on one platform to grab where they left off and progress the engagement on another. 

To drive deeper, more relevant customer relationships, improve operational productivity and enhance revenue, Omnichannel gathers and harnesses knowledge from every contact across platforms.

 Multichannel or Omnichannel

Multichannel and omnichannel, though distinct, are also used synonymously. Multichannel assistance, like omnichannel, provides clients with more than one tool for reaching customer support. But each channel lives with its silo and own dedicated team of agents, rather than operating in tandem. It limits the exchange between communication channels or knowledge and therefore produces a poor customer service. 

For example take this case: the client uses one channel to contact help and a ticket is generated by that team, but if the client approaches the company via another channel again that team generates another ticket. 


Every team has a ticket and attempts to fix the same issue. In this case, the client must convey to the second agent the very same information that was exchanged with the first agent, and so on as each new siloed channel is used to reach help. The consumer experience is not just bad, but it is also incredibly inefficient for the company.

This paradigm is altered by Omnichannel. The focus is on the business partnership instead of client ticket resolution. When contacting assistance, Omnichannel allows clients the ability to switch from one platform to the next. The client is the only constant, providing continuity from channel to channel to thread messages, making it possible for the client to pick up where the conversation left off. At any touch point, regardless of channel, Omnichannel provides a seamless customer experience. Channels are implemented with omnichannel support so that agents can interpret the interaction and still retain meaning, even though the experience leads to several channels.

An end-to-end client view 

It is the quality of the customer service that contributes to positive interaction and retention of clients. A favorable cycle of experiences occurs as client interactions are becoming more regular and sentiment towards your product increases, often contributing to opportunities for up-and cross-selling. 

In any interaction, omnichannel communication techniques help businesses better understand their client as the data is linked to the consumer, not the case number. Client problems are addressed more effectively by reliable service delivery across networks, and this is especially critical in growing customer loyalty and developing long-term commitment.

Time for adaptation 

We also know that for most organisations, the pandemic has produced essential barriers. This change, however, has ignited a revolutionary spirit of creativity and innovation since “how we have always done it’s now been substituted by “this is how we do it now.” 

Through stay-at-home orders, companies changing how they reach people, and social distancing, even the most competent of organisations can be overwhelming to sustain excellent customer service. Omnichannel, nevertheless, can be a lifeline for companies during this pandemic in search of fulfilling consumer needs. In difficult times, it is one less cause for frustration to provide consumers with the opportunity to reach out on their favourite platform. But this is just part of a story. It’s also necessary to have the right platforms.

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Take the case of a non-profit, it is re imagining the growth of the workforce by offering services that help job applicants fulfill existing and potential needs for the workforce. The belief that an integrative system is essential for achieving lasting self-sufficiency is part of their core beliefs. As state and local laws pressured it to close its physical headquarters and nearby offices, the increasing number of displaced employees became quite difficult to serve.

As it re imagined itself, their fundamental values took hold, contributing to a long-lasting transformation, not just a short-term fix. By developing an integrated approach to achieving sustainability during the turmoil and beyond the Workforce Alliance conformed to their foundational values. They were able to improve remote communication as well as provide support to more vulnerable individuals by utilizing Microsoft Teams, a site chatbot developed with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and the omnichannel functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

The site became the main outreach method, as the shutdown removed in-person visits with unemployed employees. Now a chatbot addresses routine questions, producing a resolution rate of 75%, and since the chatbot interacts with omnichannel, on client request, it effectively links clients with live agents. Inside Customer Support, the chatbot and omnichannel features have evolved to provide a more productive and reliable experience for those in need of their services. Workforce Collaboration workers get more time to represent the interests of their group, treating each contact with concern and compassion, with the chatbot handling enhanced volumes of queries. Offices would open again one day and people would return for in-person support.

Strong together

An add-in to Dynamics 365 Customer Support, Omnichannel for Customer Service helps companies to communicate and engage consumers on their favourite digital platforms rapidly. The app includes personalized customer recognition, real-time alerts, and agent productivity resources such as the incorporation of the knowledge base, feedback for AI-powered agents, and evaluation of true sentiment. Via built-in, AI-driven dashboards, supervisors get insight and feedback into emerging technologies and agent performance amongst all channels.

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