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What Will 2020 Wave 2 Release For Dynamics 365 Bring To You Business?

What To Expect With Dynamics 365 Upgrade?

Microsoft’s plans to introduce a set of new features in the form of Wave 2 is scheduled to be launched around October 2020 through March 2021. Next year Dynamics 365’s second release, wave 2 will introduce loads of innovations and upgrades, highlighting to our clients and partners our ongoing commitment to driving digital transformation.customer insights

Sales in Dynamics 365:

Provides improvements for more streamlined interactions; including interactive tools, latest smartphone interface for easy access to client information, and fresh forecasting upgrades for natively generating and managing predictive analytics processes.

Sales Insights in Dynamics 365:

Dynamics 365 Sales insights continue innovations in digital sales in various areas like revenue growth, interaction intelligence, collaborative intelligence and sophisticated forecasting and pipeline intelligence with predictive prospect and chance scoring to support salespeople make top deals.

Customer service in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Service extends the capabilities of agent efficiency, allowing agents to participate concurrently in several sessions. The Customer Service Omnichannel is enriched by extra modifiability options to allow assimilation with mobile apps, the Microsoft bot framework as well as outbound messenger channels.

Customer service Insights in Dynamics 365:

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights provide additional tools to allow staff to rapidly and efficiently solve client issues utilizing similar scenario recommendations. A fresh strategic approach for customer support, managers help them concentrate on the main areas of support that require attention. All such highlights would also be immediately included in the key Customer Service Hub app so that subscribers can obtain insight into the issue without having to swap among apps.

business insights

Remote Assist in Dynamics 365 :

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist extends the spectrum of scenarios across calls, enabling technicians to independently perform tasks such as gathering service and restoring data, execute surveys and walk-throughs, and extract service knowledge from their operations. Availability of non-AR activated devices with the changed configuration often enable technicians to fix problems more easily the very first time in many environments.

Field service in Dynamics 365 :

Dynamics 365 Field Service keeps adding surveillance capabilities such as a new Field Service dashboard to supervise key KPIs and finishing metrics for job order completion. There are also upgrades to the user interface to allow for improved service delivery. The mobile device Field Support is improved with features such as push alerts and sharing on the site in live time.

Marketing with Dynamics 365 :

Dynamics 365 Marketing enhances the experience of the consumer, such as layout choices, zoom, and efficiency enhancements. Integrating live events and conferences with Microsoft Teams permits people to make and host live shows as a webinar supplier. Segmentation is improved by building and absorbing client segments with a fresh language experience works to relieve the technical skills required to create complicated segments.

Human Resources with Dynamics 365 :

Dynamics 365 Human Resources extend absence and vacation, and the opportunity to handle compensation to improve the employee experience. Workers and administrators should be able to handle the leave and absence from Microsoft Teams directly. We strive to evolve an HCM environment that enables the hiring and payroll collaborators to integrate.

Commerce with Dynamics 365 :

Dynamics 365 Commerce intends to increase functionality, making it easy for salespeople and non-developers to build and maintain e-commerce sites with designed-in research capacities. We are developing in-store and curbside pick situations to help clients succeed in the face of the effects of COVID. Furthermore, with AI-powered suggestions and efficient search interfaces through Bing for Commerce, we are making it possible to increase interaction.


Connected store service with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Connected Store provides a range of additional features like alignment with Dynamics 365 Commerce, front-line staff allocation and monitoring with Microsoft Teams, automated Power Center workflows, smart command centre, store analytics, and store analysis solutions such as identification of irregularities, inventory suggestions, and change management suggestions. 

Fraud Protection with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection provides integration with Dynamics 365 Commerce and a fresh “manual review” feature that enables clients to use familiarity with the Fraud Protection rules for flag transfers for assessment and then enables professional people to ingest and arbitrate such payments.

Finance with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Finance aims to concentrate on digitizing specific activities to decrease the number of tasks that clients operate manually. We are launching Asset Leasing to strengthen Finance’s key strengths and continue our worldwide reach to provide sites for five additional countries namely Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Oman and Qatar.

Supply chain Management with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management extends manufacturing planning, optimization with in-memory tools to conduct supply and production scheduling in real-time. Product Information Management advancements include the functionality for engineering change management and a production version. Cost management requires new functionality which will allow multinational companies to retain multiple accounts by having double currency and double valuation.

Project operations with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates organizational workflows to include the transparency, coordination, and outlook needed to drive progress across sales and finance teams. Project Operations integrates the procurement, resource allocation, program management, and finance professionals into a single framework to gain more business, speed up execution, inspire staff, and optimize productivity. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Central business investments for this release wave provide service upgrades to fulfil the challenges of a steadily increasing client base, increased performance, data storage, handling, regional expansion along with community VAT support, outstanding customer-requested features and greater integration with Microsoft Teams.

Dynamics 365 Power Applications

The Dynamics 365 Guides takes priority updates on smart workflows in this release wave. Job instructions can be programmed to change on fly based on user inputs by taking advantage of the information and AI innovations. Moreover, insights will facilitate the use of time tracking data and connect the said data to your business. Power Apps provides substantial enhancements for Power Apps developers of all levels of skill, increasing the complexity and accessibility of the web, and smartphone generated apps. Developers will be able to directly develop Power 

Apps within Microsoft Teams to easily customize team expertise. Makers will be able to use the web designer to attach customized pages to model-driven applications, putting together the latest of canvas and model functionality along with the development of custom templates and parts. The portals of Power Apps add Microsoft Power Virtual Agents as a tool in the Power 

Apps portals lab, and help with the Power Apps and Power Automate to produce code components.

Dynamics 365 Power BI

Power BI focuses on three main areas shaping a data culture: excellent user experiences, new business BI, and visibility into where decisions are made. Power BI Desktop contains numerous new features for consumers to create things rapidly and effortlessly, encouraging authors to empower their customers, the development of enterprise-grade content, and authoring perceptions infused with AI. Power BI Mobile integrates split-view assistance for iPad, and Power BI Service combines with Azure Synapse to dynamically create and manage materialized views of bigger power BI models, and also improved integration with the SharePoint list to generate additional customized reports. We continue to strengthen our Data Security capabilities Enabling the naming and marking of critical data by clients.

Dynamics 365 Power Automate 

The Power Automate upgrades would blend WinAutomation ‘s best with the cloud-based AI builder and automatic flow-based Connector functionality. The latest release will provide clients with a way to configure everything from Office applications to legacy terminal programs that have not been modified in years. 

Additionally, upgrades to cloud-run digital flows can provide better automation and authorization experience.

Dynamics 365 Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents provides enhanced authoring skill resources like rich content creation software, flexible card features, file topic Proposals, improved built-in Power Automate, sound indoctrination with smart speakers, stylistic bot look and sound configuration, and much more.

Clients and collaborators will be in a position to verify the new features in a non – manufacturing setting from August 3, 2020. These features include improvements to the user interface that will be enabled automatically for users in the manufacturing environment by October 2020. Reap the benefits of the early release window, seek the latest additions in a non-production setting and also be ready to confidently carry out upgrades to your clients.

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