Safeguard Income And Credibility With Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Over the last few months, our lives changed rapidly, and so have companies trying to adapt to evolving needs. Sellers had to focus more on doing business online together with clients, as the crisis perspective dictated it globally. E-commerce has seen a rise in the volume of trade, particularly affecting sectors such as delivery companies, home media, games and online retail.

As e-commerce surges, so do account fraud exposure threats, increased refunds, discount loss, and payment fraud. Even more now, companies need cloud technologies to overcome the new complexities of this rapid transition.

dynamics 365

Microsoft is here to assist. For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, two new capabilities to combat account fraud, and omnichannel return and discount fraud, open to all sellers.

Account Security: Assist improve your online income and credibility and protect user profiles from abuse and forgery by fighting the counterfeit creation, account acquisition, and fraudulent account accusations

Preventing Loss: Fully insulate your profits by detecting potential fraud and discount fraud, empowering managers, and loss prevention officers to rapidly take steps to reduce loss.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Security is a cloud-based solution intended to help business people protect their profits and credibility by reducing fraud and abuse, lowering operating costs and increasing acceptance rates.


Dynamics 365 Fraud Defense features advanced AI technology that studies and continuously learns from patterns to equip entrepreneurs with technologies to enhance fraud controls. Through the Fraud Defense Network, our clients benefit from connected information that gives them wide visibility of scam activity around the world, provides more insight into fraud and enhances business intelligence while maintaining the confidentiality of their private records and the safety of their clients is a top priority.

Dynamics 365 Fraudulent Security provides three solutions that can be combined or used separately, making it easier for customers to choose the solutions better tailored to their business requirements.

Ability to safeguard accounts:

For higher transaction risk and growing financial fraud visibility, entrepreneurs need to secure their clients during their entire life cycle of the account. Account security helps entrepreneurs tackle account formation and accounting fraud with adaptive AI technology that helps educate and adapts to changing scam behaviours from client-generated information. Enhance client service by allowing business people to combat illegal actions and secure their client accounts at a crucial stage in the accounting cycle.

Power to prevent Losses :

The inappropriate utilization of discounts will lead to lower revenue for businesses with expanded online purchases. Using AI’s strength, damage prevention checks omnichannel for devious trends for irregularity and offers market intelligence feedback to customers to improve awareness of market entities’ potential malicious behaviour. The adaptive AI technology repeatedly grasps and adjusts to changing trends to help counter return-related fraud and unsuitable discounts.

The ability to Protect your purchase :

Despite the increased trade volume, traders need to maintain legitimate transactions and defend their networks from scammers. It Helps shield online revenue by enhancing the approval rate of trade transactions with ideas and solutions that allow stabilizing revenue opportunity conversely scam loss and examine disagreement with the purchase shielding ability of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.


Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is driven by the same tool that enables Microsoft to protect over a billion of its e-commerce transactions annually. The system has reduced operating expenses by more than $76 million over the last two years, reduced the loss due to fraud, and allowed lesser manual feedback.

Now an opportunity has arisen to update your entrepreneurial capacity to fight scam. Start with the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and support with 3 abilities to defend your company from scam threats, namely purchase safety, account security, and damage avoidance.

Because we are presently witnessing periods of volatility, Dynamics 365 Fraud Security helps you to leap forth to protect your company from a scam.

Are you looking to deploy a creative strategy to secure your business from fraud?

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