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Latest Updates In Dynamics 365

It’s that period of year again: with fresh additional features for administrators, company owners, CTOs, and much more, Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 wave 2. As companies moved to an at-home working model, Wave 1, introduced in April, came at the onset of the pandemic. We’ve had monthly reports and bug fixes ever since, and because of the current situation, we felt wave 2 would be substantially scaled-back. That’s not the case. 

Dynamics 365 has more than 500 new or changed technologies, clearly focused on helping organisations rebound from the pandemic and resulting economic consequences. Plus, there’s better fraud protection and supply chain management.

New Dynamics 365 features: 

1.Upgrading Customer Insights

Dynamic 365 Consumer Insights, now the quickest application for Dynamics 365, says Microsoft, has delivered invaluable intelligence to business owners during these turbulent times. Microsoft has now launched 2020 release wave 2 updates for the platform, enabling teams to share AI-generated customer insights across teams.

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Recent updates for Consumer Insights, include: 

1.New engagement features that give in-depth customer insights to consumers. 

2.Audience insights from sites, applications, and related items that enable users to evaluate client experiences. 

3.Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice from one platform to the next to monitor customer feedback signals. Good for driving interaction while improving consumer attitudes and feelings.

For company owners of all types, it’s been a rough year, but client facing companies have taken a massive blow, with retail sales crashing. These new features of Consumer Insights offer users the customer intelligence they require: 

1.Enhance interaction 

2.Push sales 

3.Enhance revenues 

4.Develop marketing campaigns 

5.Improve customer service workflows

Clients speak about the unique ability of Microsoft to objectively link data across departments and teams with AI-powered insights to improve results. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s customer data platform, this is precisely the business need that we have developed and discussed.

2.Good linked interactions in customer management across departments

The 2020 wave 2 updates also promote good customer management across departments breaking down hurdles that resist linked and personalised interactions. At any touchpoint, consumers now have better consumer insights, as well as increased visibility and coordination between divisions of sales, operation, and marketing.

3.New skills in marketing

Microsoft is offering marketers with “at scale” consumer engagement resources over the next 6 months to create relationships in this new world. But what does it mean? Dynamics 365’s 2020 wave 2 release includes the new user features to facilitate client journeys and coordinate sales and marketing. 

Users can now do the following

1.For digital gatherings, merge Microsoft Teams. 

2.In target segments, use natural language. 

3.Improve posting via social media. 

4.Transform the  “customer journey designer.”

5.To promote segments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, with greater alignment of Customer Insights.

We are committed to offering solutions that bridge the divisions of marketing, distribution, and operation, connecting clients seamlessly from the first contact to acquisition to outstanding support,” said Microsoft. The upgrades for 2020 release wave 2 take measures to proceed in that journey.

4.Fresh Sales Ideas

For clients, digital interactions are becoming incredibly popular, but few businesses know how to connect customers during the sales cycle. That’s where it comes to Dynamics 365. The latest Microsoft introduced features streamline sales activities and promote interaction. 

Microsoft says it is growing the functionality of AI intelligence and provide contextual sales insights to Dynamics 365 users: 

1.Boost Sales

2.Developed Prognosis

3.Pipeline Intelligence

Hence sales teams receive better client intelligence for good decision making.

5.A new addition to existing Current Omnichannel Capabilities

The addition of a native voice channel to current omnichannel capabilities, built on Microsoft cloud, is among the most useful developments of wave 2, which offers a smooth, end-to-end client service experience in a single solution on every channel.

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Other innovations which are added

1.Updated Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities to increase performance, enhance scheduling, improve field service management, and much more. 

2.Updated Remote Assist features for Dynamics 365, including non-AR phone help and extra call analytics.

6.Cross-App Features Across Dynamics 365

Business owners need close coordination across diverse Dynamics 365 apps with industries steadily returning to normal. The 2020 release wave 2 improves these features, adding Microsoft Power Platform and Azure Data Lake together with apps. 

7.Predicting Intelligent Cash Flow 

Users of Dynamics 365 Finance may have already found intelligent cash flow forecasting. But now, with additional functionality for vendor invoices, it’s open to all. 

Strong cash flow is the backbone of many companies, particularly in the current economic climate, so Microsoft is expanding in additional tools to improve billing and many other financial tasks.

8.Fresh tools for Supply Chain Management 

Microsoft plans to launch a new add-on for Engineering Change Management that manages product impact on the entire pipeline, with a production floor execution feature that makes it simpler than ever to execute production management tasks. 

Microsoft said, “The pandemic took a toll on supply chains, from suppliers to consumers.  Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is developing new tools to keep the production line moving and facilitate factory floor day-to-day work.” 

Plus, through Dynamics 365 Guides, there are fresh supply chain management tools for frontline staff.

9.Updates in Dynamics 365 Human Resources 

The Hr management solution has few upgrades. “We’re focusing on upgrades for the 2020 release wave 2 which further help HR professionals inspire and motivate their employees, deliver modern benefits packages, and remain compliant,” says Microsoft. 

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For workers who want to manage leaves of absence, time-off balances, and leave requests themselves through Microsoft Teams, there is also fresh self-service functionality. It takes the pressure away from busy HR units. More ‘simplified’ integrations for Azure Active Directory and LinkedIn Talent Hub provide other new features.

10.Actualizations for Fraud protection

In wave 2, there are additional fraud protection improvements that support all consumers. Fraud Prevention in Dynamics 365 will defend retailers from: 

1.Fraud of purchase and payment at the point of sale, 

2.Fraud in accounts 

3.Fraud by Shrinkage 

The collaboration of Fraud Prevention and Dynamics 365 Commerce is nearer, and users can now mark suspicious activity for analysis manually. 

How to get more out of 365 Wave 2 Dynamics?

These are a few fresh features from Dynamics 365. As you can see, the 2020 release wave 2 will offer all users of Dynamics 365 additional enhancements, but only a few organisations know how to get the most benefit from these updates. So it is where the help of a software consultant comes into play. 

Want to know how latest Dynamics 365 can enhance your business? 

Get in touch with Matsyaa Infotech now.

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