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Many retailers are taking the opportunity to focus on the findings of 2020 and the way ahead for 2021 at this year’s NRF. It is hard to fathom that just 12 months have passed since the availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, which was the expansion of proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail offering, which extended our abilities to digital commerce past physical stores and call centers, enabling retailers and client-facing companies to fulfill client requirements on their terms.

The preview of B2B e-commerce capabilities for Dynamics 365 Commerce will be unveiled this year to further allow organizations to extend their digital commerce interactions. Firms will allow feature-rich and consumer friendly experiences for both consumers and business clients by putting together B2C and B2B e-commerce capabilities on an unified retail and commerce platform. Based on an intelligent and connected network, companies can save money and time by streamlining the path of the client and allowing both customers and business partners to have customized and meaningful buying experiences.

Taking a look back on 2020


We never would have predicted that, just months after confirming the release of Dynamics 365 Commerce in 2020, with the advent of the pandemic, retailers will face one of greatest market challenges in modern history. Dynamics 365 Commerce was around to help allow new ways of product fulfillment and guarantee businesses could provide secure and safe buying experiences for their clients and store agents as retail companies turned to meet the new reality of global lockdown and contactless purchasing.

Companies have used Dynamics 365 Commerce to extend their current capacities, even in the middle of the pandemic, to manage to provide their clientele with excellent offerings and fresh loyalty and fulfillment options.

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Businesses have used this technology to rapidly pivot their in-store buying processes to provide their clients with contactless and secure shopping environments.

In contrast to this, we have seen a drastic rise in digital commerce operation to help satisfy the rising demand for digital clients. Through  customized digital client engagements, partnership was made with many retailers to move conventional in-person sales to online interactions. In the middle of lockdowns, companies partnered with Microsoft to create a new e-commerce site with Dynamics 365 Commerce for its clients, helping the organizations to develop richer digital client interactions and adapt quicker to evolving market trends in the wake of the pandemic.

We can create a powerful storytelling experience for clients with Dynamics 365, which represents the value and quality of products. And there by show that we are  a designer of quality products that clients want to hold for life, as a brand is launched internationally, and can use Dynamics 365 to help share this story.

The emerging aspect of B2B commerce


With more people joining customer roles in businesses, preferences are also moving away from conventional B2B sales approaches and towards solutions for self-service and customized digital commitments. Tech-savvy clients are leaning more towards digital channels for quick access to information along with fast buying options and hope to represent that of B2C e-commerce in their B2B purchase behaviour.

In turn, several companies are recognizing the importance of allowing B2B customers directly from the web to access purchasing patterns, saving time and money with a decreased focus on in-person sales and the potential to scale to a broader variety of business partners.For just these factors, clients  are partnering with Microsoft to deploy B2B technologies for Dynamics 365 in their company.

Business clients want to link to our site and place their orders on their own. Traditionally, Excel spreadsheets were shared or a sales rep was called. Now the buyer’s ability to place the order electronically is an improvement. It saves a great deal of time, and it’s obviously a better experience for clients and sales representatives to actually use B2B e-commerce solutions.

What is offered for B2B e-commerce


B2B and B2C commerce strategies tend to be segregated from conventional businesses in the industry. If they work in both B2B and B2C, it has led to companies providing duplicate data, digital assets, and appropriate messaging. This has also contributed to a lack of creativity influenced by traditional expectations about the B2B buyer journey in the B2B e-commerce space. we should look outside of what has historically been possible for B2B e-commerce and allow intelligent and more intuitive shopping experiences for clients with younger and tech-savvy clients now prevalent in the market. It’s what  Dynamics 365 Commerce is about.

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Companies are offering curated and meaningful content to their clients and build richer B2B account relationships by bringing B2C’s creative and intelligent features to B2B e-commerce. It involves enabling features such as a responsive and modular UX, smart and AI-powered suggestions, context-sensitive and interactive product search, shared ratings and feedback, cross-channel inventory control, distributed order management, and merchandising capabilities into a client  digital purchasing interface.

We also allow B2B technologies that are important to modern companies, like flexible partner management and onboarding solutions to meet partners directly online. Dynamics 365 Commerce, alongside user rights for spending limits and administration permissions, provides for fast and simple control of account usage. With order templates providing for curated and streamlined self-service ordering options, streamlining the orders is made simpler. Accounts of business partners may see related discounts and spot deals or, where appropriate, run-out offers.

With a variety of administrative resources for business associates to easily view account data, like order history, account statements and bill records, and  expand self-service past order placement. Dynamics 365 Commerce, coupled with native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, offers a comprehensive collection of tools to motivate your sales and service agents to connect with customers more deeply and encourage them to focus on any sales opportunity. Guarantee quick response by Microsoft Power Virtual Agents to client service queries with commerce chat.

Use the client data platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to achieve a holistic view of your clients, along with a rich overview of your company activities and Microsoft Power BI sales reporting. Ultimately, enable your staff to reinvent Microsoft Power Apps’ generally manual processes with no-code or low-code capabilities. In Dynamics 365 Commerce, everything is seamlessly incorporated and sponsored.

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides an extensive, but configurable, collection of tools for both consumer and business-facing companies seeking to extend and enhance client interaction, create brand recognition, streamline buying, and offer outstanding customer experiences beyond conventional digital commerce limitations.

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