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Dynamics 365 the best field service suite

With service as the core value between companies and their client, our passion to allow those companies to win a client for life by outstanding service delivery drives our creativity in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application service suite. Companies are accelerating always-on, world-class service distribution to turn their service organizations from cost centers into profit centers, so we are providing the resources that provide the versatility companies need to drive their transition. Listening to our clients, we have learned the need for fully integrated systems which provide the client and their devices with a single view to allow efficient operation, knowledge to improve the efficiency of agents and technicians, and simplify the stack of contact center technology to minimize overhead fragmentation and servicing.

Productivity boost with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

By functionality improvements, we strive to evolve the trend of increasing agent performance, to the most used agent resources like emails, timeline, and expertise, injecting out-of-the-box AI to empower agents to provide clients with more customized attention. In regards, to app profile customizations by administrators, we have facilitated multi-session case management and versatility to make it more organized to adjust the app experience for multiple roles. Ultimately, with our launch of first-party telephony developed on the newly unveiled Microsoft Azure Communication Services, we’re discussing among the most complex problems in the contact center today that only Microsoft is placed to fix fragmented remedies.


Improving agent productivity into a smart, simplistic agent experience is the basis for enabling companies to provide spectacular, customized service to clients. In this release, we concentrated on accessibility, versatility, and customization of the agent interaction to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction. 

To help agents provide a customized experience and boost consumer trust, we continue to refine our agent efficiency tools, like email, schedule, and expertise. Agents also have finer text controls, more powerful capabilities for adding images and data, and scale and speed models. In contrast, it’s simpler for agents to generate, edit, and share posts of knowledge. We have also introduced the mobility to configure the experience of the agent, like what is displayed in the timeline control of the agent, how alerts are obtained by agents and the library of fast responses provided by the agent.


We also introduced multi-session case management with a new usability panel to even further optimize the agent journey, surfacing out-of-the-box AI-driven agent recommendations for comparable cases and information posts in live time. Administrators can customize custom app experiences for various agent profiles with the latest app profile manager, adapting the app experience with only the functionality they need.

The expense, maintenance, and management of broken solutions to allow modern contact center channels like voice and more advanced chat and social channel solutions are one of the greatest challenges businesses face today. Dynamics 365 Customer Support became an all-in-one customer support solution, covering speech, digital communications, and care coordination, with the native voice channel unveiled at Microsoft Ignite. Your agents can display smooth consumer experience and reap the benefits of AI-driven productivity tools to provide customized service with simple setup and administration that does not involve custom coding or complicated integrations. Managers can leverage AI and rich analytics to see true omnichannel insights and optimize holistic support delivery, which is facilitated for digital channels and applied automatically to the voice channel. And it’s all about Azure, of course, which offers unprecedented protection and enforcement.

Optimizing the knowledge of technicians with Dynamics 365 Field Service

A few of the business outcomes of Dynamics 365 Field Service is allowing technician performance to improve first-time repair rates. Dispatchers may concentrate on higher-margin operations by enhancing the functionality that technicians depend on most and optimizing scheduling. With improvements to the mobile experience of the technicians, added loyalty for investment tracking and management, and enhanced resource scheduling for enhanced dispatch and technician productivity, all leading to the better and much more cost-effective delivery of services, we are speeding up technician achievements. 

More now than ever, technicians rely on mobile, and quality mobile experience is vital to guarantee the performance of field technicians. Our next-generation mobile app has been revised in this release with push notifications, offline improvements, and snap, clips, and document recording services, and also evaluation capacities.

In on-site service calls, letting technicians easily view and comprehend asset information speeds up their delivery of services and improves 1st-time fix rates. We also introduced the ability to recognize the precise location of an asset in big office towers or campus sites in this update. In order to enhance a thorough understanding of the asset, assets now can include custom-defined properties.

Scheduling and deploying technicians reliably will save considerable time off the service delivery. We ensure better use of technicians on service calls with changes to plan optimization in this phase and free up dispatchers to concentrate on higher-value tasks. In the schedule board experience, optimization capability is now readily accessible, allowing dispatchers to handle schedules from a needs or assets point of view with the business objectives of the company instantly enforced by the optimizer.

Modifying conditions with Dynamics 365 Remote assist

We start to see businesses using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to adjust their conditions to mixed realities through sectors and scenarios. We have proceeded to quickly expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to fulfil their goals, as organizations use mixed reality to evolve their operational activities and collaborate with frontline workers. We bring balance to extend the user scenarios to allow troubleshooting of customer support, enabling technicians and clients to enter a mixed reality call. We have also strengthened mobile calling features and help for phones lacking mixed reality features for Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, and added insights for technician calls to places of surface problems and opportunities for development. 

d365 field service

We’ve introduced the opportunity for Dynamics 365 Remote Assist users to make calls to those without a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license to render Dynamics 365 Remote Assist more relevant in customer service settings.

When more technicians use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, the more useful it is to provide inputs into surface opportunities. A new call insights dashboard has been added to surface insights including how difficult it is for technicians to fix a specific thing, where much of their time is spent, and the number of calls placed by facilities or location.

Find out new characteristics that drive organizations forward

We believe that you would have found the 2020 release wave 2 features helpful in moving the company forward to providing the best possible service. Our client’s and partners’ insight keeps driving our creativity to inspire each person and company on the planet to accomplish more. We are happy to be your partner in offering outstanding service to make a living for clients.

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