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Dynamics 365 Commerce – Upgrade to optimize shopping on multichannel 

Retailers and consumer-facing companies are turning their attention to adjusting to emerging client needs and buying habits, with several countries still suffering the impact of COVID-19. With most of our clients, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has worked to allow them to offer omnichannel shopping services, including an expanded emphasis on digital commerce and contact less shopping options including in-store or curbside collection. Clients of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce were able to switch their shopper participation and fulfilment procedures quickly to satisfy customer demands efficiently while still providing their employees with a secure working atmosphere.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce plans to invest in our 2020 release wave 2 upgrades in further motivating retailers to be highly effective in certain activities by enabling them to understand and better communicate with their customers along with operating their operations across the value chain efficiently. We are focusing on driving creativity, infusing insight, and enabling agility in both physical and digital shopping channels within retailers with these updates. This includes the provision of new digital commerce tools, smart processes to streamline and personalize shopping experiences, and the enhancement of omnichannel platforms to enable more companies to move to a single platform for commerce.

Enhance the experience of clients with digital commerce

Enhancements in the abilities of digital commerce further enhance consumer engagement and business performance. We are improving on the foundational e-commerce functionality we introduced with Dynamics 365 Commerce with these acquisitions to enhance the flexibility of use and content development.

Experimenting with smart content: Dynamics 365 Commerce will be able to conduct monitored tests such as A / B testing on e-commerce sites, including Optimizely ‘s native integration. It will allow merchants to refresh their e-commerce site experience with a data-driven update and enable clients to interact more regularly, driving higher acceptance and conversions. 

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Visual page designer: We are implementing a fresh and sensitive framework for what-you-see-is-what-you-get content development, like drag and drop help, which will improve the ability of advertisers to build visually vibrant and appealing websites for advertising and merchandising. 

Fresh e-commerce modules: Without the need for more configuration, the Dynamics 365 Commerce module library offers a robust collection of modules that can be used by consumers to create an e-commerce platform.

Intelligence, perspectives, and metrics stimulate growth:

Improve the approach to accelerate growth and productivity through embedded intelligence. Using AI and CS upgrades to expand insights into company processes and provide improved consumer experience. 

Buy identical styles 

Identical looks will bring new and attractive options using the strength of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the center of the shopping experience. When shoppers discover more of the items they want in a simple-to-use viewing experience, the result can be transformative and can generate extra selling power. 

Microsoft Bing for Commerce driven quest: 

To have high-quality product discovery and check experiences amongst all commerce platforms, Microsoft Bing for Commerce would be seamlessly incorporated into Dynamics 365 Commerce. The usability of product development is a fast and easy way for a retail client to find products by searching through subgroups and using scan and sorting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Security, incorporation of loss prevention:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Security, incorporation of loss prevention: We continue investing in developing support for smart business solutions such as Dynamics 365 Fraud Security. In contrast to the incorporation of payment security, we also provide resources for loss reduction to enhance business insights and decision making for better business activities.

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Streamline the performance of the company with omnichannel excellence

Accelerate omnichannel strategies to boost business performance and adapt agility to new business tactics. We keep investing in core technologies that facilitate integrated trading capabilities, including the incorporation and expandability of third parties. 

Curbside delivery and contactless purchasing: 

This role would offer extra functionality to the order capture and processing flows to enable curbside pickup or other special pickup styles. When making a purchase, companies can customize various delivery pickup modes that shoppers could choose from. 

Improved coverage for digital payment methods: 

Microsoft will ensure that essential payment needs are fulfilled and completely activated for omnichannel purchase scenarios by offering digital wallet support along with a variety of payment providers.

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