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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice the best business feedback management application

Open customer feedbacks with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Enduring in touch with your clients to have the best customer experience was never more critical, particularly when there is limited in-person review possibility. The executives have to use consumer reviews as their core KPI to remain agile and deliver the best products, services, and services. How else could they be certain their actions can yield expected results? The aim of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is to standardize the collection and delivery of user feedback across teams, so everybody can deliver the best customer-designed product.

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Easy way to start business interactions

Enforcing an approach for consumer review can be daunting. The task of gathering customer reviews sometimes falls with one or two individuals inside the customer service department because of time or financial constraints, when it really ought to be a business-wide operation. To make it simple Dynamics 365 Customer Voice was built to give users fast and simple fee collection strategies

Our primed-to-use versions come with standard questions built to suit the four common review scenarios our work has shown, regular customer reviews, post-delivery, post-travel, and post-support call. The questions found in the prototype are entirely flexible to meet particular product or service requirements, and therefore do not involve any technical skills to be used or changed.

Feedback is incorporated with current Microsoft Business applications

The essential implementation of the customer feedback process may be challenging in all aspects of the company. When all units are integrated into systems and their customer input matched, then the feedback solutions would need interlinks to applications. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft business software, namely Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Apps, and integration through Microsoft Power Automate with 3rd parties software.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Matsyaa

With all your programs linked reviews, the possibilities are infinite. For example, you can automate tasks of issuing a survey to clients by using integrated data from all other applications such as measured open rates, recommendations for marketing channels, and priorities for goods and services to distribute surveys across platforms at different times.

The findings incorporated from your reviews into business processes, and they are open to everyone wishing to engage with customers. The knowledge could be used in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to enhance customer profiles to deliver a professional experience.

Standardisation of feedback loop

It is highly complicated and challenging to evaluate a customer’s path from recognition to buying. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice will help understand and track the effect of identified high response rates on your user experience, which can be related to questions through various surveys. For instance, you can identify your client satisfaction rating and link that score to a recent survey and use that rating and frequently gather feedback and monitor patterns on the dashboard throughout time.

You also can set metric notifications to warn specific business users in your company when the feedback is bad. Reviews are automatically categorized using the latest AI technologies from Microsoft, ensuring you can effectively evaluate and rapidly monitor user feedback to address the issues.

Push it one step further and link data from Dynamics 365 consumer feedback to reviews gathered with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to uncover insights linked to the individual customer to get information on why a customer was upset and follow up fast with the smartest decision.

Reconnoitre Dynamics 365 Customer Voice abilities

1. Record feedback instantly 

  • Rapidly receive data with primed-to-use templates which include a set of questionnaires, workflows, and records. 
  • Quickly generate customized surveys in your current business applications based on client information. 
  • Obtain timely feedback via chosen channels email, Text, internet, and mobile all along the pathway of the clients.

2.Combine data to achieve more profound insights

  • In other Dynamics 365 applications, including Dynamics 365 Consumer Insights, and the Microsoft Power Platform — Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI, dynamically link feedback with customer data. 
  • Gain qualitative insights by constantly combining the reviews you get with the knowledge you have about your clients.
  • Engage the audience at the correct time, recognizing that impressions are correct, as client data changes instantly any time somebody responds through workflows.

customer insights

3.Practice process based on synchronal feedback

  • Inside custom dashboards, track what contributes most to your company by visualizing feedback. 
  • Based on programmed triggers you set within the framework of your business applications, it reacts in real-time. 
  • Complete the client-feedback loop timely with designed-in metrics of satisfaction, such as Net Promoter Score, and follow-up actions.

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