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Data can be found all across the physical and digital worlds. Despite this availability, businesses have struggled to gather and scale observational data, resulting in a lack of visibility into the physical footprint compared to their digital platforms. AI and computer vision are reshaping the way we perceive, comprehend, and act on data in our physical environments. We will continue to access new data sources, like sensors and cameras, in the future to better understand how we influence our consumer and employee experiences. Enterprises are getting help from Microsoft to help them break down barriers between the physical and digital worlds, which will help them compete in today’s competitive and fast-paced world.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Locations, formerly Dynamics 365 Connected Store, is now available in preview, indicating our expansion beyond retail scenarios to all spaces. Your business can now easily gather observational data, apply AI-powered models to discover insights about your surroundings, and respond in real-time to trends over time with Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces. Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces is designed to be customizable, extendable, and work with any hardware you already have. A sneak peek was given early in December 2021.

With AI-powered abilities, you can set up existing cameras and unlock data:

Observational data, or the data we gather as we go around the world, has traditionally been difficult to scale and gain insights from, but Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces makes the process simple. With a turnkey software as a service (SaaS) app, you can add existing hardware and unlock new data with a straightforward setup process. Simply turn on AI-powered models, also known as skills, after deployment to help comprehend specific circumstances like customer behavior at a promotional display, traffic patterns, and insights related to your area. Leverage the power of the existing cameras by incorporating computer vision and pre-built abilities to assist in completing the picture—giving you a fresh perspective on individuals, locations, and things.

Actionable insights can be generated with the help of pre-built skills:

The following skills would be accessible for preview as part of this announcement:

Using cameras placed at entry and departure points, shopper analytics receives counts and trends for traffic in the store, as well as how they alter by the hour and day. You may also figure out which day of the week is the busiest and use that information to schedule shifts.

Measure the effectiveness of displays:

It helps to see how many visitors have walked past it and how many are actively involved with it. Use this information to conduct A/B testing to discover the optimum locations for your promotional content or just to have a better understanding of how the display is performing.

Measure the length of time customers wait in lines, use the information to plan the opening of additional lines, and gain a better understanding of the revenue lost due to queue desertion.

Responsible AI is at the heart of this solution. Individual shoppers can’t be identified or their facial traits aren’t looked at in these scenarios, which use computer vision technology to count people and figure out how long they spend in a store or mall.

Improve in-store user experiences by empowering your staff:

Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces comes with built-in alerts for each scenario, allowing managers and staff to respond quickly to key interactions. When a threshold is reached, like max wait time, max store occupancy, max display dwell time, and more, warnings are delivered to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams. Staff may now spend their time on tasks that generate real business value, rather than counting shoppers with a clicker.

Moreover, the Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces dashboard enables staff to instantly access new views from a single location. Staff can adapt to detect problem spots, improve customer experience, and better visualize patterns that affect operations using charts, graphs, heat maps, and alerts.

Looking ahead:

The pre-built retail abilities are just the beginning, as they are designed to be extensible. Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces will keep improving visibility, boost customer and employee experience, and drive operational efficiencies by adding skills in a range of industries and essential scenarios. Here are some use cases we’re looking forward to seeing in the future:

Manufacturing anomaly detection:

Detects faults in real-time to help improve accuracy and reduce waste.

Tools and materials:

Make sure that important workflow tools, materials, and items are in the right place, which will cut down on wasted time.

We’re excited about the potential to use the low-code capacity to improve pre-built skills to cater to your business use cases and account for the uniqueness of your spaces. We’re excited about the potential to use the low-code capacity to improve pre-built skills to facilitate your business use cases and account for the uniqueness of your spaces. Staff will be able to readily adjust, train, and enhance skills’ accuracy in the future. Employees should be able to use their skills to collect only what’s most important using simple boxes and labeling features, allowing them to be more proactive.

Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces becomes your partner over time, giving smart insights and improving real-time knowledge. We’re pleased to help businesses revolutionize their operations and consumer experiences with increased visibility in their locations, from retail to manufacturing. With a turnkey, easy-to-configure solution, organizations can start integrating the physical and digital worlds and gain a new perspective on the world around them.

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