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Dynamics 365 Marketing is leading the way with personalized engagement

To be successful, customer engagement professionals have to establish relationships, loyalty, and trust, but how we do it has completely changed. These developments provide us the chance to be more productive than ever in achieving our goals.

Marketers are looking to build end-to-end customer interactions which are customer-led, highly tailored, and reach their clients wherever they may be, across all online and offline channels, in order to satisfy consumer expectations. All of this is made possible by data and AI, which ushers us into an amazing new frontier—from reacting to the predicting era.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing combines customer experience with marketing automation, enabling businesses to choreograph personalized journeys throughout all touchpoints to improve connections and gain loyalty.

We focused on strengthening procedures and capabilities for developing a moments-based consumer experience that span all client’s touchpoints in the 2021 release wave 2, as well as pushing personalization to the next level with less work. Here are a few samples of the amazing new improvements coming out in the coming months, as well as what they signify for marketing and corporate users.

Throughout all client touchpoints, engage your audience in moments that matter:

To genuinely adopt customer-led journeys, you should be prepared to interact and react when clients want to connect, at the moments that matter. Here are some novel methods Dynamics 365 Marketing could assist you in doing so.

With a 10X increase in the volume of encounters in real-time marketing campaigns, you can attract more clients. You should be able to scale in order to reach your clients at critical times. Customers and prospects are beginning to dictate how often they would like to interact with organizations with which they do business. Customers should be able to engage with businesses anytime they want. With real-time marketing journeys, we can now send up to 100 million outbound engagements per month to a total of 20 million contacts. You can speak as often as you need to help prospects and clients advance along their buying journey now that you have more contact capability.

Make each client’s engagement unique:

Due to the revolutionary new capabilities brought to Dynamics 365 Marketing, engaging your clients in a personalized way has never been easier.

Raise custom events from journey phases to provide rich client experiences. Because each company is different, you may need to create specific methods to improve your experiences. You will have endless personalization and exact control of your client experience if you use Microsoft Power Automate Flows.

To integrate with proprietary and external business systems, you can use the journey canvas to initiate a Power Automate Flow. This end-to-end connectivity enables you to take advantage of the whole Power Automate ecosystem of connectors and controls to provide your clients with the one-of-a-kind experience they expect. What’s more, anyone may construct complicated bespoke scenarios in just a few clicks, from citizen marketing developers to great marketing operations teams, IT specialists, or partnerships.

Add lists of related data in your emails:

You could now add lists of related data that are unique to the individual getting the email to save time and customize your emails even further. In a conference registration email, for instance, you can include a list of sessions, or in a confirmation email, you can include a list of products purchased. In real-time marketing, the ‘assist tool’ creates the code for conditional statements and lists for you, making it easy to check your syntax.

Increased attribute support gives more control over journey branching situations:

Clients’ engagement can be boosted by creating customized journeys for them based on their demographics and activities. You may now construct journey branches based on any characteristic linked with the client or event trigger that initiated the journey with this release. You may also generate branches based on their relative or partial dates for attributes based on date and time.

Utilize the power of analytics and AI to make better and faster decisions:

Outstanding client experiences may be created with a thorough understanding of your consumer and understanding of what has worked in the past.

Use AI-powered ideas to produce email content on the fly:

Looking for the perfect email subject line to pique a customer’s interest? Use Content Ideas to help you come up with writing ideas and get from concept to execution faster. There’s no need to start from scratch anymore. In your Dynamics 365 Marketing email editor, this new feature employs strong AI technology to produce custom text suggestions.

A deliberate approach has been taken to incorporate our responsible AI principles by designing this experience with transparency and control in mind, all while increasing your value. The automated suggestions are based on your main points and recent communications from your company. You can now use this ground-breaking technology to deliver the most engaging information to your audience.

A/B testing can help you improve the performance of your emails with the new outbound marketing email editor. Testing several versions with subgroups of your readers and then analyzing interaction statistics to discover which one is better received is an excellent method to generate an email that engages the audience. Dynamics 365 Marketing’s new editor now allows you to A/B test your emails, helping you to improve your performance.

Taking the lead in the development of a new generation of business apps

The enhancements in this Dynamics 365 Marketing release wave 2 for 2021 support our Dynamics 365 mission of building data-first, AI-enabled apps. We provide fresh insights and automation to the business processes and consumer experiences by starting with data. We use AI and the next best actions to enable these processes and interactions while honoring Microsoft’s commitment to sustainable building AI by using 6 principles as a lens for development. I’m looking forward to taking you on this wonderful adventure with us—there will be more to come, as usual.

To build targeted segments, use natural language. In Dynamics 365 Marketing, you could also use natural language words to create segments faster.

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