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Best 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft SharePoint For Business

An Intranet is very essential for consolidating information and making interaction within your organisation, regardless of what size your company is. A well-built intranet is important lately with more staff working at home and offsite to ensure everyone knows what goes on. One of the most important aspects pertaining to Microsoft’s SharePoint is its very core partnership. So, with all the features it will have to offer, here are 10 things to consider using SharePoint to create and run the Intranet for your business.

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Every company is unique so this implies what the intranet needs to offer is distinct. Also, budgetary considerations and the nature of your digital workplace can be factors in determining which technology choice is suitable for your intranet. The good news is there’s plenty of technology choices to explore, although we always find SharePoint as the top option when companies go into an assessment exercise.

1.Most popular Intranet is Sharepoint

The SharePoint is by far the most successful intranet base technology in the world. This is expressed consistently in numerous intranet and digital workplace surveys. Although it is not an excuse to go with SharePoint, it offers certain faith that companies use SharePoint and SharePoint Online to offer fantastic intranets consistently.

2.Adaptable, configurable, and customizable

One of SharePoint’s finest strengths is its versatility and usability. It is used by organisations with various strengths both for intranets and embraces a variety of capabilities including internal communication, content management, collaboration, scan & discoverability and much more. When companies restructure, and as strategic objectives shift over the period, versatility and usability come into play. SharePoint is also flexible, so an intranet completely wrapped from the way you work is certainly possible.

3.Offers Multiple options

One of the great benefits to using SharePoint is that it begins up a large spectrum of choices for your intranet. Even though you can now produce an intranet out of the box, SharePoint intranet-in-a-box brands have become a very competitive market that works closely with SharePoint and provide additional site templates, screen layout, fully prepared-built web parts and additional capacities, enabling you to deliver superior intranets in weeks. These fully integrated intranet tools are extremely efficient, of a great buy, and fully leverage SharePoint’s capacity to achieve the kind of modern intranet necessitated by sophisticated businesses.

4.Automation Functionality

The management of records and information inside SharePoint is much more efficient, as described earlier. Plenty of intranets throughout all kinds of locations would be filled with papers. If you establish automation software, transferring this content, and handling it continuously could be a thing of the past.

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You may assign expiry dates for files that may need to be changed later or demolished. After a certain period, or once permission is granted in a workflow, you can move documents. It can be incredibly efficient to be able to automate records in an Intranet and only take half the period to do this physically.

5.Connectivity of Microsoft Office 365 and other tools

A big draw for SharePoint is it can incorporate with other Microsoft tools, progressively with no developer assistance. The incorporation of Yammer updates, Team space lists and OneDrive documents is easy and there are exciting ways to integrate process change and report in your intranet as well.

 It also goes the other way around so that the intranet expertise can be incorporated into teams. Having a strong partnership with your intranet and your 365 tool suite helps you to create a richer experience in the digital workplace, while still using your intranet to drive adoption and develop governance. 

With simpler power to initiate integrating Microsoft’s AI and automation technologies from the ‘Power Platform’ into SharePoint and SharePoint Online, prospects look fun too.

6.SharePoint facilitates the most content publication requirements 

Basically, intranets are about information, and you can completely use SharePoint to publish and manage advanced information to satisfy much of your internal communications requirements and where content needs to be properly handled. Though communication sites have helped add more publishing functionality to SharePoint, in reality, more advanced content publishing features such as approval workflow, news prototypes, editorial schedules, automated data reviews and more appear to be found in in-a-box items.

7.External Exchange and Connectivity

An obsolete system would not enable you to use it if you do need to navigate your Intranet from an offsite location or when on the run. Even so, as SharePoint can be accessed from the cloud, you will be able to have much better access to information that you need, and it is quicker to use it on a smartphone.

8.Promoting personalized and the relevant content

Many current intranets have customization features, so content can be tailored to various groups, such as all workers at one venue, or in one division or role, or depending on their length of service. This means different thematic content may appear around each other effortlessly, directed for each worker. Besides, some intranets enable people to subscribe to various topics of interest.

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SharePoint and SharePoint Online intranets can efficiently enable customization and content targeting, utilizing simple integration with Active Directory profiles to offer very specific intranets. This is yet another reason why SharePoint is an outstanding foundation technology for you.

9. Latest Developments

Over the past 2 years, SharePoint’s creation of new apps with beautiful designs, much simpler posting interfaces, improved efficiency, some really helpful site templates as well as a whole host of other enhancements is at the core of SharePoint’s progress. It is somewhat distinct from classic SharePoint, it provides a much-improved intranet, and it also enables the intranet team to be much less focused on the IT feature, which has been problematic in the past for many groups.

10. Affordable cost

If you have access to Office 365, then SharePoint is accessible. So if you’re using Office 365, you can begin with SharePoint, and you wouldn’t have to worry about spending cash on a specialized, complicated Intranet service. 

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