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Dynamics 365 – A New Voice Channel That Helps To Streamline Multichannel Customer Engagement.

A new arrival to their customer support has been confirmed by Microsoft Dynamics 365. The inclusion of this channel offers organizations the size and efficiency of the calling network that drives Microsoft Teams globally, a modern voice network based on Microsoft Azure Communication Services. Companies obtain unified, omnichannel interactions with a native voice inside a single solution, providing reliable, customized, and linked support throughout all communication channels. 

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This end-to-end platform unifies all customer experience data points, helping organizations to improve and streamline their operations, gain instant insights into patterns, and provide quicker AI-driven assistance solution, while still ensuring that your data stays safe and legal, supported by the reliable Microsoft cloud.

Addressing the Broken experience

Customer service companies usually have to implement independent telephony and CRM systems manually, resulting in fragmented interactions across interaction channels for clients and agents. Undoubtedly, these multi-provider knitted-together solutions are not only difficult to carry out and manage, but also build data silos with fragmented viewpoints into consumer experiences and network agent performance. The inclusion of the voice channel allows Customer Service to provide a solution to organizations that minimizes weak spots created by custom-built, complicated integrations and maximizes the potential to deliver better interactions with customers and agents. In order to satisfy constantly evolving business objectives, this single, balanced approach also makes things simpler to scale.

It isn’t a revolutionary concept to merge telephony and CRM for customer support. In the contact centers, several Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service clients do have those features installed by third-party technology companies.

 It’s why we continue supporting interfaces with key Microsoft partners who create connectors that make it far easier to allow the Customer Service voice solutions. Dynamics 365 covers whether the target is a single, one-stop-shop solution or whether it allows for a smooth interface between telephony companies and customer support.

Since users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service are now implementing their voice channels via third-party providers, setting up and maintaining the platforms can be complicated. The content also ends up in storage facilities that make it impossible for call center agents to have the complete view of the client while dealing with them. 


The voice channel makes it possible for customer support to eliminate failure points caused by custom-designed, complicated workflows and improves the experience for not just the agent, but for the client too.

 The voice channel would be available later in a limited preview next month, and next year Microsoft plans to launch it, although larger clients will stick with whatever they’ve introduced for now in their stable application setups, “perhaps this CRM, call filtering and queuing up are all moving together for the smaller contact centers,” Research analyst said.

During the brief preview, real-time AI support will be restricted to English content only, and you must have English as the main language for your company. Also, when the software is widely used, many languages would be provided.

Voice calls could be helpful in other field services including remote assistance Dynamics applications. The tech would inform them precisely what’s happening in the workshop in which they are currently servicing the vehicle when they are at the house or in the waiting room of the supplier.

One solution for all

The new Customer Service voice channel allows an all-in-one customer support solution without the need for duplication or physical integration of data and allows quicker time to value. Our approach offers a single customer perspective that emboldens agents to provide platforms with personalized support, and real omnichannel analytics and feedback for agents and supervisors alike. 

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Since this method is based on the infrastructure of Microsoft itself, added advantages are accessible straight out of the box that enables businesses to:

1.Quicker solutions: 

Optimize the customer service solution configuration, management, and governance by removing the handling of various agreements, updates, interfaces, datasets, and user interfaces, all supported by reliability, and regulation of Microsoft’s Azure.

 2.Trends access across channels:

Identify variables easily to optimize the overall experience of the client by accessing data such as client experiences, customer loyalty across networks, and sophisticated clustering of topics.

 3.Fix issues sooner: 

Lean on built-in AI to address client complaints quicker, from AI-powered virtual agents to real-time agent efficiency tools such as call transcription, sentiment classification, and related cases and content article guidance. 

4.Well organized Self-service capabilities: 

For optimum productivity and accuracy, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can be constructed once and implemented across message and voice platforms. 

5.Voice routing Intelligently: 

Skills-aware, automated call delivery paths, depending on personal strength and intelligence, call the right person and also help to route for integrated agents working through several types of channels. 

6.Omnichannel interactions: 

The agent interaction stays constant and linked irrespective of which channel the conversation occurs. Agents gain complete background across all platforms of past consumer encounters, resulting in substantial customized customer experiences and more efficient performance.

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