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9 Proven Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Best For Field Service Operations.

Microsoft is a billion-dollar American multinational company that designs and develops advanced software and markets them throughout the world. All the products that come out from this global business conglomerate is an international hit. This reputed software company that has a worldwide network has launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service it is a software that comes with versatile features. 

This workflow automation software that comes from the house of a branded company is widely used by engineering contractors, civil suppliers, supply and logistics companies, healthcare and hospitality, equipment maintenance, and engineering industries. You can bring-in revolutionary changes inside your organization and effectively manage all your business resources efficiently once you introduce this Dynamics 365 for field service application software inside your existing computer system. 

Contractors, engineers, and business entrepreneurs who manage a large workforce, materials, and equipment can effectively manage their men, money, and material and expand their business to new horizons. Business organizations can identify the stopgaps and effectively find the remedies when they start using this software. This fully-customizable software that comes with extensive features will help the users in plenty of ways. 

It is worth noting that dynamic 365 software comes with user-friendly features, charts, graphs, and layouts that will help the decision-makers in plenty of ways. Small firms, traders, and mid-size firms can see continuous business growth when they start using this meticulously designed and developed software that stands out in quality. 

Listed below are some of the top features and tools that are ingrained in this dynamic software.

1.Work allocation and monitoring 

Service providers can schedule works to technicians working under them and monitor their day-to-day activities. The contractors can exercise proper control and extend maximum supervision using this software that comes with brilliant features. Technicians will never miss their appointments and quickly visit the customer’s place and start their work without delay. Supervisors can send instant messages to all the technicians through Dynamics 365 software and update the status to the contractors. 

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The contractors who assign work to the technicians can provide step by step instructions using this software and guide them professionally till they accomplish their task according to customers’ expectations. This software empowers technicians to take plenty of photos and upload the same and also collect the actual payments from the end customer. 

2.Advanced 360-degree capabilities 

Service contractors can take stock of the workflow and update the status to the end customers. They can update various important information through this software like delay in procuring raw materials and modifications in work functions. 

Exchanging information through this Microsoft Dynamics 365 application software will be a delightful experience for contractors, technicians, sub-contractors, and all other employees directly related to the job. 

3.Professional bill and invoice generation

Bill generation and invoicing plays a critical role and companies can maintain the best professional rapport with their new and regular customers only when they rise invoice and collect payment from the property. This can be efficiently done with D365 For Field Service.

4.Improves in-house and external communication

A business organization can see tremendous growth only when there is a proper communication channel between employers and employees. Business establishments that regularly interact with their employees and field workers will stand to benefit when they introduce this Microsoft 365 software inside their existing computer servers.

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The dispatchers, service technicians, supervisors, managers, and others who are seriously involved in contractual projects can communicate easily with each other using this application and complete their projects within the stipulated time. 

5.Smartphone and advanced android phone compatibilities

Once you successfully download the Microsoft 365 field service in your android or mobile devices and install it then you can start managing your business activities through the Smartphone hassle-free. The managers, site supervisors, and contractors need not go regularly to the construction or project site once they install this app since they can do all the business activities through this branded app. 

6.Inventory and purchase managers can systematize the work process

Microsoft 365 field service software that comes with sophisticated features has inventory management and time tracking tool that can help the purchase, dispatch, and stock inventory management departments in plenty of ways. The inventory managers after downloading this software can streamline their inventory department and professionally manage their stocks hassle-free. The warehouse and inventory managers will open the inventory dashboard and systematically feed the receipt and dispatch of stocks. The top executives can exercise better control of all the stocks and take necessary actions based on inputs. 

7.Graphs, analytics, statistics and report generation

Decision-makers of an organization and all other departments can generate varieties of monthly, periodic, and annual reports with the help of this software. They can also compare the previous year’s performance with the present scenario and take remedial actions when the losses, expenses, and wastages are more.

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The department heads can also download comparative pie charts, graphs, and statistics and submit them to top executives for their review. 

8.An asset for field workers and technicians

Microsoft field service application has come as a boon and blessings to field workers and site technicians. They can update their day-today works to their higher-ups, get their leave sanctioned, inform their absence or late attendance, generate salary slips, communicate with others, demand their bonus, and do various other tasks when they start using this product. 

9.Ensures better customer management 

Customers are always a king and an organization should always satisfy the requirements of the end customers if they want to keep them for a long time. Brand managers, service professionals, marketing, and sales executives can maintain perfect lien with their customers and get their feedback and testimonials at regular intervals when they start using this award-winning software which comes with versatile features. 

Start-up firms that are managing local and worldwide business operations can exercise proper control over their subordinate staff, field technicians, contractors, and contractual employees when they use Microsoft 365 software. You can manage your mobile workforce professionally and expand your business to other countries quickly with the help of this software. 

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