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Top 15 Reasons Why Leading Brands Value Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales enables artificial intelligence and automated business operations to empower salespeople to succeed in the selling process. It is a whole platform which is far more than a simple application for sales. Thus it continues to be a widely adopted promotional tool by the sales team across the industries.

Leading brands like visa, adobe, BMW understands the importance of valuable insights from business intelligence. The shortening of the sales cycle has helped in focusing more customers’ needs. The embedded intelligence functionalities inspire the salesperson to start to develop more confidence and dependability, developing the long-lasting and gainful relationships required to raise a company.

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Dynamics 365 for Sales focuses on customer relations by supporting and recognizing customer needs, influencing more realistic engagements and increasing selling. With its latest release of wave 1 version, Microsoft has spent hours in paying attention to the customer’s experience, which has been continuously shifting throughout the years. Let us see the leading reasons supporting why a brand should choose Microsoft dynamics for sales.

1.Centralize intelligence to enhance efficiency:

Discovering and formulating healthy relationships is the answer to a flourishing business. The principal focus is to deliver work through more simplistic ways to concentrate on more sale closures. To achieve this, sellers need to have good personal communications and interpret client demands. Microsoft relationship sales solution provides sellers with the benefit of the embedded intelligence helps to do tasks much more swiftly. 

2.Benefit from power tools to boost the efficiency of sales:

The sales division uses different ways to compose proposals, interact with clients, and collude confidentially with external partners. Dynamics 365 Sales allows effortless incorporation with existing work productivity software to benefit the team to be more flexible. Possibilities of smooth communication can lead to great collaboration and evaluation without switching systems.

3.Importance to the prime customer and optimal efforts to quicken sales :

Sales standardization intends to optimize the selling journey with smart prioritization that allows to turn leads and to win clients more efficiently and quickly. Influencing the customer happens when the seller makes use of the multi-channel interface via Dynamics 365 Sales.  

4.Comprehend business forecasting to improve critical choices:

Understanding business insights help the sellers in building a powerful channel while overcoming disordered sales procedures. Precise foresight helps in keeping up with the sales strategy and gains adaptability to satisfy different demands. 

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5.Tailor-made customization as per business needs:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales is delivered to bring flexibility to the administrators and users synchronously. Now it is possible to create a system to satisfy specific demands. Few examples of customizations are modifying reports, dashboards, forms, views and charts. Also altering the schema, automation using workflows are possible.  

6.Robust reporting with Power BI & Dynamics CRM:

Power BI for Office 365 cloud service works with be-impacted applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales to provide a precise analytics solution. The advanced analytical tools work seamlessly with a SQL server to produce perceptive data summaries for officials. 

7.Brings teams together to one, cohesive solution:

The sales team member is a unique app feature which is intended guidance and clarity on the use of rights. Sales Professional, maintain client relationships, win deals, and raise businesses profits. Streamline your sales operations to reduce monotonous tasks. D365 helps sales professionals by saving time on mentoring with real-time semantic assistance.  

8.Professional Social media engagement and integration: 

Combining d365 records and the social data of 500 million users of professional networks like Linkedin, dynamics365 enables marketers to discover and concentrate on the appropriate person from the beginning. Integrated knowledge and centralized data of office 365 and dynamics 365 have helped sellers discover leads who are likely to convert.

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9.Inbound marketing made the proper way:

There are many questions a salesperson can ask a customer but Dynamics 365 help in asking the right questions which can be analyzed and get more idea about customers’ business and their result in better conversion rates.

10.Effortless Data Import throughout the system:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a feature that makes it extremely easy to import data into one’s system named as Wizard of Importing Data. Nothing is more infuriating than trying to upload most of your existing information into a new format. In Dynamics 365, you don’t have to think about how soon the import will be done or arranged later on. 

11.Research and continuous monitor of Competitors:

Towards being triumphant in sales, you need to consider the positive and negative aspects of your competitors. Dynamics 365 provides a function that allows the user to create extensive information for all competitors, that includes future sales and current accounts they handle. 

12.Excel Add-on for smooth integration of data :

Microsoft Dynamics 365 collaborates with Microsoft Excel to allow organizations to decide quickly. Excel is, as you know, a fantastic tool for converting data into information that can be organized, exchanged and analyzed. Integration of Dynamics 365 with Excel enables the quick transformation of customer data into dynamic views or Pivot Chart.

13.Smooth apps and multiple data source integration:

The power of Microsoft NET Platform and Web services is held by Microsoft Dynamics 365. It helps businesses to combine disconnected, traditional business technologies and applications. Dynamics 365 interface with different applications by performing email marketing, surveys, and much more.  

14.Customizable database design: 

With advanced features and reliable design, D365 gives you outstanding flexibility and scalability. It synchronizes perfectly with all office applications. No matter how, when or where your customers, leads, and partners want to communicate with your team, Dynamics 365 allows you a definitive benefit by presenting complete, simple solutions to handle these connections favourably.

15.Track each stage of the sales funnel:

A competent lead passes through the sales funnel and advances through different stages. Dynamics 365 records all events within your fixed targets. Users can set expectations that prospects can only proceed to the next level if they meet the predefined criteria.

To sum up, enterprises are adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the versatility it gives in managing a business. ROI is favourable when integration is easy and in turn, decreases the training sessions and facilitates smart decisions. 

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