Microsoft partners with Shopify to expand Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Corporate Central has been improving business operations and helping stakeholders to increase productivity, efficiency, and development since its inception. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is going to work with Shopify in order to improve customers’ buying experiences, according to a recent announcement.

What are the perks of partnership for users?

“How would this assist us?”  or “What areas would benefit the most?” and so forth. We’ll respond to the following queries:

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to open an online store and sell their wares. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution that integrates several parts of a business, like finance, sales, and marketing, into one application.

The Microsoft-Shopify alliance will synchronize orders, stock, and customer information, allowing merchants to enhance customer experiences by providing speedier service. This partnership will undoubtedly boost Dynamics 365 Business Central’s commitment to linking data in order to help businesses thrive.

How can you profit from Shopify’s partnership with Microsoft?

Shopify and Microsoft have partnered as part of Shopify’s Global ERP program, which aims to provide the users with real-time insight into networked data. Users can access the Global ERP Program through Shopify’s website. In 2022, the features and functions of Dynamics 365 Business Central would be available.

Microsoft and Shopify Team Up to Improve Shopping Experiences!

Users can benefit from the integration of Shopify with Dynamics 365 Business Central because they will be capable of adapting faster, performing better, and working better.

Adapt more quickly – The pairing of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify, with their focus on selling, would undoubtedly help retailers streamline their online business procedures. With the transparency provided by integrated data across all online stores, quick responses to customer needs can be made. Shopify users will benefit from the dynamic functions and support provided by Business Central, which will make the selling online process and store management easier.

Work more efficiently:

Removing manual processes will enhance accuracy while also keeping your employees focused on customer service. You may gain greater visibility into supply, prices, current clients and order history, order status, invoicing, and payments by linking Shopify and Dynamics 365 Business Central. With better visibility, you can respond to consumer inquiries faster, process returns and refunds more quickly, and process orders more accurately.

Improve your performance:

Improved operational effectiveness not only saves time and money but can also lead to better results and quicker decision-making. So, with automated synchronization between platforms for price adjustments, product updates, and consumers, you can confidently develop your presence online while minimizing overhead. Dynamics 365 Business Central would assist merchants with financial and tax reporting at the conclusion of accounting periods, as required by local legislation.

Microsoft is dedicated to building an open ecosystem that will assist our clients in identifying the best solution to help them accelerate their digital transformation. Our Dynamics 365 Business Central customers that join the Shopify Global ERP Program will be able to market, ship, and process payments online utilizing a native connector which will be available in early 2022.

Merchants who use Dynamics 365 Business Central will be able to meet consumer needs thanks to data-driven insights and much more connected operations. Our corporate and enterprise customers, meanwhile, rely solely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to provide unified, personalized, and seamless purchase experiences over online and offline channels. Consumers now have more options and better experiences thanks to the ability of businesses of all sizes to provide commerce everywhere.

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